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Lesley Diehl 1965

My epublisher Untreedreads released my murder mystery Angel Sleuth. Kaitlin Singer needs time off—from a philandering husband, from a writing career stalled on a buzzard as a main character, and from the stash of chocolate in her lingerie drawer. Her decision to return to her childhood home might seem like the perfect way to get her life back together were it not for her mother foisting two visitors on her, guests who claim to be guardian angels. Perhaps not all is lost, for the angels might just be the companions she needs to help her solve the murder of a local newspaper columnist. To uncover clues to the crime, Kaitlin takes over the dead woman’s work, writing the column as well as volunteering in the senior center, moves which put her in the path of the killer. She and her guests will need assistance from a pot-bellied pig and some pool skills to bring the murderer down. Find it on or

The sequel to Dumpster Dying will be released by Oak Tree Press this winter. It is entitled Grilled, Chilled and Killed, a humorous mysery set in rural Florida.

I signed a three book deal with Camel Press to publish my consignment shop mystery series. The first book is A Secondhand Murder. Look for it soon.


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