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Heidi Heckenberg Gossen 2016

Right now, I am working with an organization that primarily works with immigrants and refugees. Using art therapy, I help women recover from traumatic circumstances and support them during their integration into British culture.

Central’s study abroad program helped me realize the world isn’t as unattainable as I previously thought. When I was close to graduating and needed to figure out what was next, I thought, “Why not go to England?” Living abroad helps to change your world view and provides a better understanding of cultural differences.

While at Central, I thoroughly enjoyed all my art classes. Sometimes when I am working on a creative project, I can still hear the advice of my art professors.

Outside of work, I continue to run. The cross country runner in me did not die at graduation. I enjoy taking my dog out with friends and walking in a park or driving a bit outside the city to escape city life.

I would recommend reading “Love Does” and “Everybody Always” by Bob Goff.

My favorite Central College moments came my senior year when I lived with seven other girls in a Pod. We had so much fun together! Once while I was asleep, they set about crazily decorating our living room. Being a designer, I was probably the only one who cared about how it should be decorated. When I woke up, they all tried to convince me that I had done all the “decorating” in my sleep.

My favorite tradition was the Lemming Race. I could never do it because I was in season at the time, but I always loved to see all the creative group costume ideas.

My advice to current students would be: Go abroad! Have fun! Enjoy college! You only get four years.

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