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Paul Tambrino 1958

RE: Paul A. Tambrino, 1958 alumni. The Greater Heritage Publishing ( is pleased to announce publication of two books by Dr. Paul A. Tambrino, Central Alumni, 1958: “Mariology; Past, Present, Future (a Reformed view)” and “Big Truths for Growing Minds.” Dr. Tambrino has directed TGH to pay ALL royalties from the sale of these books to Central College. In addition, TGH also published three of Tambrino’s study guides (“The Lord’s Table, Getting It Right,” “Is the Trinity Biblical,” and “Theology A to Z, A Glossary of Terms”) which may be downloaded at no cost from the TGH website.

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  • Deb Calderwood


    9:38 am on February 9, 2023

    Congratulations Dr. Tambrino and thank you for directing all your book royalties to Central College. How fantastic! These books should soon be available in the Geisler Library.