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Nancy Redenius Bruscher 2005

Dropping a little information for Civitas about “Ordinary People Extraordinary Things “– a podcast dedicated to real, life stories of hope from ordinary people.
I’m a January 2004 alumni. My brother & sister also graduated from Central. I graduated with a history degree and started a business 16 years ago capturing memories & personal history stories. “Ordinary People Extraordinary Things “ is a continuation of telling stories.
I get to talk to people about real things going on in the world through the perspective of hope – we talk about cancer, grief, trafficking, anxiety, body image, identity, loneliness, faithfulness, addiction, homelessness. But it all draws back to the hope that we have.
If you have room in your magazine I would be honored to have you share a little bit about the podcast.
Thanks for your time & consideration.

~Nancy Bruscher
Twitter: @storiesextra

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