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Cody Kowalik 2011

I recently left my prior decade-long career in corn research to start working for my twin brother’s manufacturing company (Original Appearance Manufacturing) in a sales and customer service role a little over a year ago. My younger brother and sisters-in-law also work for the company, so it has been nice being closer to family.

Recently, I’ve been remembering the level of thriving I achieved at Central, and I’ve been working to reinstate similar levels of challenge, connection, support, service and curiosity that Central instilled which brought about the ideal conditions for thriving to manifest. I’ve been gaining refreshing perspectives and powerful insights with this approach.

Also been wondering if the Geisler Cafe still has those same scones and the strawberry balsamic salad. My first scone ever was at Geisler and no other scones have been worth finishing since. I guess I got introduced to the only good ones, and nothing else will do. I miss the salad bar at Central Market and the occasional Pella Bologna from over by the pizza station.

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