Ed Ollie 1993

Ed Ollie ’93 joined the staff of North Ridge Church as ministry development lead, where he will help senior leaders strategize and implement the development […]

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Nicholas Cross 2005

Nicholas Cross ’05 was promoted to plant manager of Sioux Center, Iowa, Pella Corp. operations.

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Christine Daugherty 1986

Christine Daugherty ’86 is director of intellectual property and technical development at Tyson Foods, Inc. in Springdale, Ark. Christine and husband Ralph Henry live in […]

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Carol Anthofer Yenger 1992

Carol Anthofer Yenger ’92 is a foundation manager for the Monroe County Hospital and Clinics. She was featured in the March 1 edition of the […]

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Brian Burke 1995

Brian Burke ’95 and Megan Myhre of Des Moines were married Oct. 2. Brian is a trainer at Nationwide Insurance.

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