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Lucas John Hamilton 2016

My future aspirations include teaching psychology and research methods at the collegiate level or completing a post-doctoral research fellowship. During my free time I enjoy exercising, writing music, exploring nature and getting lost in thought. I’d recommend reading “How Emotions Are Made” by Lisa Feldman Barrett.
My memorable moments from Central College include presenting research at Midwestern Psychological Association meeting in Chicago, singing at Christ the redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro and producing an album with fellow Central students (Dann Kuttler ’16 and Nathan Thiessen ’15).
When I’m not in class or busy reading, I enjoy spending time with my wife, Makaye Smith Hamilton ’15 doing things we love. Watching Netflix or taking the dog for a walk helps the stress of graduate school melt away. Traveling back to Iowa to visit family is always nice, especially when we get to stop in Pella!

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