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Kristina Oeth Stanger 2000

I am a shareholder and attorney at Nyemaster Goode, PC Law Firm and the Iowa Army National Guard.

My most memorable Central College moment was the A Cappella Choir trip to Wales in 1998. It was life-changing as it inspired me to broaden my experience and service as I prepared for a future in law. It was after this experience that I enlisted into the United States Army. Shortly after enlisting, I went to officer school, where I met my future husband and soulmate.

Since the second grade I wanted to be a lawyer and serve others. Central College and the U.S. Army gave me the foundation to pursue that dream and grow both service careers. I completed Drake Law School in 2005 and have been practicing at Iowa’s largest law firm as a commercial litigator ever since.

My husband and I have been honored to serve our country for a combination of 46 years with multiple combat and stateside deployments. We are blessed with three pretty amazing and active kids: Aili (10 years old), Olivia (7 years old) and Blake (3 years old). We live in Urbandale and probably have dirty dishes in the sink.

Serving my family, clients and my community in faith are my number one priority. Mentoring and growing our next generation of leaders is also near and dear to our hearts. We have a lot to be thankful for, and more work to do!

Message to share with others: Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire!

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