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Ken Esveld 1972

In September Ken Esveld exhibited a collective body of digital photographs entitled “The Edge” in the Maytag Student Center. The photographs included were part of a larger body of work through which Ken is exploring issues related to the environment, human interaction with the environment, sustainability, and the passage of time. Each photograph is a portrait shot where the water of the Des Moines River meets the shoreline of Lake Red Rock.
Ken Esveld is a visual artist and nationally recognized educator. A graduate of Central College with a major in art, Esveld has lived and worked in both urban and rural areas of Iowa and Australia. His work as an artist has mainly been linked to the places he’s lived and the relevant issues of the times. His work over time has encompassed a broad range of materials including ceramics, painting, sculpture, and digital photography. Often pushing the expressive edges for each material utilized, his recent digital images are almost documentary in nature and remain largely unmanipuled.

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