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Coral Rucker 2014

I grew up in Waterloo, Iowa, where I’m part of the Rucker-Garrison family. I went to Columbus High School, and I went to Central College because my mom went there. She often talked about the town and college when I was growing up and about how Central helped her continue to pursue a college education while also a single mother. Her story stood out to me when I was making my choice.

Knowing a school would offer extra support — so anyone can receive an education — is inspiring. Thanks to Central’s empathy toward a student in 1989, it made me feel comfortable in making the same choice in 2009. I knew I was going somewhere that would also be there for me, because of how supportive and understanding the college was of my mom and her situation. I really appreciated that.

Since graduating from Central, I moved to South Pasadena, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. My mom and sister both shared their post-graduate life experiences with me to help ease some of the first-year jitters that accompany adulthood.

I’m now a screenwriter for a YouTube web series called “STANS,” which is about three internet friends who discuss pop culture and their personal lives. I am also working in the social services field in Pasadena as a lead residential treatment counselor. Though it’s a stressful job, it helps fund my pursuits of a film career.

Some of my most memorable moments at Central include making YouTube videos and hosting a podcast series with my friends. And, of course, joining Beta Kappa Epsilon. Go BEAKEs!

I want to give a shout out to my favorite Central professors: Dawn Reece, Shawn Wick and Jon Witt — all sociology professors! My advice for current students: If you didn’t take a gap year before college, take one right after.

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