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Brian ’80 and Lori Humphrey Fegley 1980

About us: Lori grew up in Pella. Her family moved there when she was 8 because her Dad accepted a position in the business office at Central College. Lori’s mom taught first grade at Webster Elementary, right across the street from Central. Lori had a sister Terri and a brother Marc, and all are Central College graduates.

Brian grew up in Waverly, Iowa. His dad worked in vocational rehabilitation and his mom was also a first-grade teacher. When it came time for him to think about college, his parents urged him to get away from Waverly (even though Wartburg was right there) and that is how he ended up at Central.

Employment: Lori recently retired from teaching and works part-time at the Nazareth Lutheran Church. She is in charge of relationships and records and especially enjoys the relationship piece! Her official title is membership secretary. Brian continues to work as an administrator for the State of Iowa.

Memorable Central College moments – how we met: We met at Bob’s Clothing Store. Lori was working there and Brian came in to make a purchase. Lori always referred to Brian as “my friend, Brian” and he still is her best friend! The first lemming races . . ., a real race without costumes, a “cliff” on the pond made out of an old ping pong table, and a giant sheet with an image of “Ralph Lemming” flying proudly from Gaass Hall. Lori loved being part of the CUIMB-Central University of Iowa Marching Band, The Pride of the Iowa Conference. I believe we were the only marching band in the Iowa Conference. She was a “guidon,” which was the flag squad.

Pietenpol Cup was another highlight for Lori. Freshman and Sophomore Women each had to write an original musical complete with a storyline and music. This annual event was held because there were not many sports opportunities for women back then! The musical plays were judged and the winning class was presented with the Pietenpol Cup, named after the former Dean Pietenpol.

A book we’d recommend: “A Busy Woman’s Guide to Prayer by Cheri Fuller

Hobbies: We enjoy following Central College football and St. Louis Cardinals baseball. Lori enjoys working in the yard in our perennial flower gardens, always adding something new. Brian likes to refinish “orphan” furniture to its original glory. We also enjoy getting together with friends for food and fellowship. We are active in our church, Nazareth Lutheran in Cedar Falls. The past two years, we have been a host home for a UNI Life Group. This is a group of 12 girls who come to our home each month to do Bible Study and enjoy a home-cooked meal. The girls call us their UNI Mom and Dad and we love sharing our home with them each month.

Our life after Central College: So many people at Central invested in each of us when we were students and continue to invest in our family today. We are proud to be Central alumni and enjoy connecting with the Central family. Central has given so much to our family and now it is our turn to give back so future generations will know the “places you will go” as part of the Central family. CUI O CUI, May Your Glory Never Die!

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  • Marv Sorensen


    6:48 pm on November 26, 2019

    Brian-your father worked with me to get financial assistance to attend Central in the 70’s
    My sister-in-law and brother attend the same church as you in Cedar Falls. She recently passed away last April after Easter. Margaret Sorensen

  • Marv Sorensen


    1:37 pm on May 14, 2019

    Glad to hear you are involved at the church. Don’t know if you know my brother and sister in law who attend the same church. Margaret and Dean Sorensen. Also Brian’s father helped me with vocational funding to attend Central

  • Sandra Stroo


    12:09 pm on November 16, 2018

    It was great hearing about your post-CUI life, Lori! Weren’t we in Centralettes together?

  • Edmond E Willis


    4:05 pm on November 13, 2018

    This is a nice, and well-deserved, article about the two of you. Thanks for your continued support of the college through all these years.