Outside the Classroom: Brian Roberts

Brian Roberts, associate professor of art, is attracted to the imagery of Iowa. During his sabbatical, he worked on a series of ceramic sculptures that reference the states’ familiar architecture.

Feb 16, 2012

Wandering Around the World

Not all those who wander are lost. Brian Cretin ’99 is spending at least nine months traveling. His only plan: see the earth’s best places.

Feb 16, 2012 | 1 Comment

The Definition of Whirlwind

Ann Wilkinson, instructor of theatre, made a name for herself in Los Angeles before finding her way to Pella.

Nov 28, 2011

Ryan Rumery

The Sound and Music

A sound designer and composer, Ryan Rumery has made a name for himself working in theatre productions in New York City and beyond.

Oct 19, 2011 | 3 Comments

"Freedom" Hanbound leather book 11 x 16 x 6"--Paper, leather, metal, found objects, wood--$575

Lost and Found

Gena Ollendieck ’91 creates artwork out of discarded objects and vintage photos. Her pieces evoke a mixture of deep nostalgia and bright optimism that fascinates the contemporary art world.

Aug 31, 2011 | 2 Comments

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