Celebrating Hoo-Rah Day

The seventh annual Central College Hoo-Rah Day tallied 420 gifts. In total, the college raised more than $360,316 in support of student scholarships and programs Tuesday, April 11.

Alumni, current and past parents, faculty, staff and students contributed to the success. Together, donors raised $326,217 for the Journey Scholarship Fund. In addition, more than $34,000 was raised for 54 campus programs and other designations. Gifts came from 44 states and the District of Columbia and around the world — including a gift that arrived from Japan. Additionally, EVERY class of Central graduates had at least one donor with the Classes of 1970 and 2001 tying for the participation challenge.

The 53-Mile Challenge

In the days leading up to Hoo-Rah Day, 337 Central students, employees, alumni, family and friends participated in the college’s third 53-Mile Challenge from March 1 to April 11. There were a great deal of overachievers in this year’s cohort with many participants completing more than double or triple the number of miles for the challenge. Go Dutch!  

Thank you to everyone who helped make this Hoo-Rah Day our best one yet! 

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