Letters to the Editor – Spring 2021

Images of the Summer/Fall 2020 issue of Civitas magazine.Pilot Power

Thank you for the wonderful articles in the Summer/Fall [2020] version of Civitas magazine. As a pilot and Central alum, I was particularly interested in reading the story on pilot training, which took place in Pella and at CUI during WWII. Thank you for your good work.

— Kelly B. Shaw ’88
Indianola, Iowa



Images of the Winter 2020 issue of Civitas magazine.
Thank you for the recent and excellent Winter 2021 Civitas. Please allow me to attempt to be brief in saying how proud and impressed I am by my alma mater.

First, President Putnam’s piece titled “It’s Complicated” once again confirmed for me Central has an excellent leader. He gets it.

Second, I am so proud of Ms. Rouse and Ms. Harrington for seeing something important that needed more attention and having the courage to make this point to President Putnam (Parting Shot: “From Moment to Movement”). I believe Central fosters a great combination of genuine respect for one another and for others, together with a responsibility to think for ourselves and then when called for, to act. It takes fortitude as a college student to call out a president when they see more needs done. As I would expect, he responded positively rather than defensively. I am confident not all academic cultures invite such boldness.

So proud that so many of CUI’s students, alumni and staff proactively seek to understand others and then make a difference. GO DUTCH!!

— Terry Haines ’86
Waxhaw, North Carolina



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