Letters to the Editor – Summer/Fall 2020


I just wanted to let you know that this was the best Civitas [Spring 2020] I ever remember reading. I read it from cover to cover and each page was more enjoyable than the preceding one. I especially like the “Forever Dutch” segment. I even enjoyed Dr. Putnam’s opening remarks. I am so proud to be a Central grad. Please thank the staff who put this together for a job well done.

— John Grieco ’71
Rye Brook, New York


Letter from Addison Van SoelenCards and letters from Central’s little legacies keep arriving in the alumni office thanking Assistant Director of Alumni Relations Mary Benedict for gifts of Central gear. The one above reads: “I’m sorry for the delay, but I wanted you to know that I love the pencil case! Central College is definitely one of the colleges on my list. I use the pencil case for my pens and pencils and I put it in my messenger bag. Thank you so much! Signed, Addie VS”

— Addison Van Soelen
Daughter of Justin ’05 and Jill Williams Van Soelen ’06
Sully, Iowa


I wanted to send both an update and a thank you as I read our recent Civitas [Spring 2020]. My wife and I welcomed our daughter, Mirabelle, last July. She’s not even a 1-year-old yet and we already talk about how we could make a future for her at Central. She just grew out of her Central hat, but now fits into her onesie.

I am proud to be a Central alum. Central bet on me at a time in my life when I needed it most and saved me in so many ways. My successes in life all started with my Central education. I continue to be proud of Central as I see the decisions you’re making in light of COVID-19. We will make a donation to the Journey Scholarship Fund today. Thank you for supporting students like me. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that Central has saved lives beyond COVID-19.

— Kendra Haack Weston ’12
Cedar Rapids, Iowa


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