Major changes at Maytag Student Center

A new stone fireplace in Maytag Student Center serves as a focal point for the space.

A new stone fireplace in Maytag Student Center serves as a focal point for the space.

Maytag Student Center has been under heavy construction as it received a $3.1 million renovation.

Funding for the renovation came from the Fred Maytag Family Foundation and is among the largest single donations in the college’s history. It was also the Fred Maytag Family Foundation that provided much of the funding for the original Maytag Student Center in 1990.

The renovations have drastically changed the look and layout of the building to better utilize space according to students’ needs. Some of the changes included moving the student activities center upstairs to the second level, while moving the J. Gilbert Boat, Shirely Weller and Margaret Moore conference rooms to the main level.

The conference rooms will reside in the previous bookstore location, while the bookstore has been transformed into the Central College Spirit Shoppe.

One of the most eye-catching new features in the building is a large stone fireplace with a comfortable seating area. Students will be able to request the fireplace be turned on at the information booth for personal or club use.

Grand Central Station, renamed Fred’s, received a complete overhaul as it was transformed into a more cafélike atmosphere. The booths have been replaced by a variety of tall tables and standing tables, and the stage is smaller. Students will have more dining options and an increased coffee selection.

The basement of Maytag Student Center has been transformed into a workout facility and wellness center. A wide selection of equipment is available, including 10 treadmills, 10 elliptical machines, five recumbent bikes, two cable pull machines, hand weights and kettlebells. There is also a large open space for yoga and exercise classes.

Central is working with Second Wind Exercise Equipment to properly outfit the space. Machines that are under-used will be exchanged for ones that are more popular. However, the floor of the wellness center will look familiar—the previous carpet was in such good condition it is being saved and reused.

The exterior of the student center remains mostly unchanged. The frequently congested northwest entrance to the building, which faces Central Market, has been expanded to create easier movement between the two buildings.

Another change to the building is that it is the first self-locking structure on campus. Every evening at a pre-determined time it will lock, and only those with Central key cards will be able to access the building.

The wellness center downstairs will always require students, faculty and staff to use their key card for access. This will create a safer environment for the locker room area.

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