Leading with Wisdom

jan_freedJann Freed ’77, professor emerita of business management, recently published “Leading with Wisdom,” a book filled with insights from renowned leaders from around the world.

Freed started research in 2004, interviewing more than 100 respected leaders including Warren Bennis, Peter Block, Stephen Covey, Marshall Goldsmith, Peter Senge and Margaret Wheatley. Advice from the leaders is presented and integrated into practical applications and each chapter details ways to weave sage advice into workshops and personal development.

“Leading with Wisdom” is beneficial for those in a position of influence in an organization and those tasked with leadership development. The book can help leaders seeking guidance for integrating the best of themselves and their lives into the tasks and roles of their position or readers looking for a road map to behaviors that nurture others.

“I call this my ‘eat, pray, love’ book on leadership because whatever I was learning I would integrate into my life,” she says. “The leadership lessons set me on a journey that has changed my life. Maybe reading it will change yours, too!

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