Son of alumnus returns for horn recital

Photo courtesy of Western Illinois University

Photo courtesy of Western Illinois University

In October, Randall Faust, professor of music at Western Illinois University and a hornist of the Camerata Woodwind Quintet and LaMoine Brass Quintet, was in-residence at Central and a guest artist at the Sunday Concert Series.

The son of Claire E. Faust ’41, Randall never attended Central, but the college still holds a special place in his heart as the first campus he ever visited. As a child, Randall attended numerous concerts of his father’s former students studying at Central.

Faust offered his recital as a gesture of his family’s gratitude to Central, where his father played with the orchestra. Students were able to work with Faust during two recitals in which they received feedback from the original composer, and they also attended master classes and music lessons with Faust.

A number of faculty members contributed to the performances. Associate professors of music Mark Babcock and Cynthia Doggett accompanied Faust on the organ and clarinet, respectively. Claudia Anderson, adjunct instructor of music, accompanied Faust on flute and Paul Kovacovic, assistant professor of music, joined in on piano.

“I really enjoyed my recent residency at Central College,” said Faust. “It was a pleasure to meet President Putnam, Maestro Mitch Lutch [associate professor of music] and the other members of the Central College faculty, as well as work with the students.”

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