Face Forward

The Greek term logos means “word” or “thought.” If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a logo must be worth at least as many.

This fall, Central College encapsulated the words, thoughts and experiences of thousands of students and alumni into a new logo—a clean, simple look representing the college’s heritage, tradition and stability.
Founded in 1853, Central is one of the oldest colleges west of the Mississippi River.

We were here 150 years ago and will be here 150 years from now. Our new logo reflects that old truth.

In an increasingly chaotic marketplace, the new look will help Central College stand out among competitors who don’t offer our transformational experience. Moving away from the sleek, corporate look of the last logo, Central’s new graphic identity emphasizes an education that reaches beyond the classroom into student’s personal development as human beings and global citizens.

In keeping with our commitment to the environment, the new logo is being implemented in a sustainable fashion, and no old materials are being wasted.


Logos Gone By

The college seal is the oldest institutional mark. It is still used for official documents and diplomas.


The Lamp of Learning was used on Central letterhead and business cards for decades.


Created in 1977 as part of a development campaign, the Bridge to Tomorrow showcased the original wooden Japanese tea bridge over the Pond.


The bridge logo was revised in the late 1980s and used for several years.



In the early 1990s, the college established a bridge logo with more artistic flair. This most recent identity was used for 20 years.

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