Scholte Hall

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  • Bryanne Hensley


    2:36 pm on March 20, 2012

    I lived in Scholte my sophomore year, was an RA in Gaass my junior year then returned to Scholte as an RA my senior year. Scholte my senior year as an RA on 4th floor was a blast!!! It helped that 2008-2009 was the first year of the NEW Scholte. I had an amazing group of girls to be a “big sister” to, a fun loving RA staff, along with an amazing Hall Director. I have so many memories of the shenanigans that year:a chicken in the game room at 1:30am, pancakes on Saturday morning, Twilight week, gladiator games, and the 2009 elections. We had too much fun that year 🙂

  • Robin Buick


    2:21 pm on March 20, 2012

    I lived in Graham Hall the first 3 years and had an opportunity my senior year to RA in Scholte Hall. Granted, it wasn’t the fanciest hall and you didn’t have the convenience of air conditioning. Far cry from the upgrades that Graham had. But I will tell you that the atmosphere in that building made the year all the more worth it. Guys and girls interacting daily, like having siblings….pranks and rivalry were abound. You can’t get the same experience living with just all girls or all guys, or even living in the newly built pods.

  • Tina Ries


    11:19 pm on March 13, 2012

    I lived in Scholte the whole time I was at Central….87-91 with the exception of the term I attended the Washington Center in D.C. I lived in suites and in singles. Those were great times. Your video reminded me of this. However, I must say you all are living large. We had no A/C in those days…much less work out equipment or flat screen TVs…in fact my freshman year, they had JUST the year before put telephones in the individual rooms…you used to have to take your call in the hall.

    How times have changed….it’s ok to “rough it a little” too, y’all 🙂 Makes you appreciate things more.

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