Through the Generations

The PondWhat was your favorite age? Was it 18, when you first stepped onto Central’s campus and the world seemed so wide open? Was it the age you got married or had your first child? Or do you still look forward to the years ahead — more seniority at work or that long-coveted retirement? Even if you’re perfectly happy where you are (good for you!), you’re probably facing some kind of thorny transition. They come with every age and stage. Luckily, Central faculty and alumni are here to help you through it, just as your professors and coaches guided you through the college years.

This fall, Central will keep doing what it does best — creating community. And this time you don’t have to talk about us. (OK, you can if you want to.) The new program Generations will feature webinars, videos and online discussions surrounding six life stages: Young Professionals, Young Families, Mid-Lifers, Empty Nesters, Retirees and Seniors. Expert faculty and alumni will tackle tricky life transitions like dealing with aging parents, balancing work and family and adjusting to the absence of adult children. “It’s about the things that affect all of us,” said Ann Van Hemert, director of alumni relations. “We want to utilize the experiences of our alumni.”

Once the program launches in early fall, you can hop on and contribute to the discussion, post a video, ask a question. Want to know how to get through your child’s first day of preschool without breaking down? Ask your peers. Want to vent about emerging laugh lines? Go right ahead. Your generation knows what you’re going through.

As the launch approaches, watch for more details about Generations at and in The Dutch Letter sent to your inbox every month.



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