You’ve tried to pronounce it. You’ve guessed at its definition. You’ve wondered if we made the word up. You even considered the possibility that we’d lost our minds. Now find out what Civitas really is.

The definition

Civitas (siv-i-tas)

  • Citizenship
  • Shared responsibility
  • Common purpose
  • Sense of community

The mission

Civitas magazine is published quarterly by the communications office for alumni, parents and friends of Central College. Its mission is to generate discussion and reflection, highlight the diversity of experiences on campus and within our alumni base and inform readers about the engaging and possibly world-changing research and thought happening at Central. Civitas — which means “common purpose” — aims to strengthen connections to the college and among the Central community.

The website

The digital version of Civitas offers web-exclusive content, videos, photo slideshows and interactive features like reader comments, online sharing and electronic Newsnotes submissions. By featuring more of Central’s stories than is possible in print, the digital version of Civitas is able to cover a wider range of issues and cultivate a deeper — and more social — intellectual experience.

We update the site regularly with new content. So check back often between issues to see what’s new!



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