Alumni Trivia

Homecoming 19401. What’s the one remaining artifact on campus from the original Old Central?

2. Why did the Reformed Church in America assume sponsorship of Central from the Baptists in 1916?

3. What famous First Lady did the Central band play for on a return visit to her hometown of Boone, Iowa?

4. What did the coeds on campus call dances prior to them being “legal” on campus?

5. How many male students and professors remained on campus following the outbreak of the Civil War?

6. What was the Pietenpol Cup?

7. Name the Central Athletic Director that was instrumental in bringing NCAA women’s sports to Central.

8. What retired Central professor is considered an authority on mushrooms?

9. For many years the Pond was the site of what annual event?

10. What is the name of the statue on campus depicting a male student reading a book?



1. The bell

2. The Baptists had two colleges in Iowa and wanted to close the one in Pella. The one they settled on in Des Moines eventually closed.

3. Mamie Doud Eisenhower

4. Foot functions

5. Two

6. A student music/talent competition between freshmen and sophomore women

7. Ron Schipper

8. Don Huffman

9. The freshmen/sophomore tug of war — The Pull

10. The Quest

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