A Sense of Community

Jim and Kathy Vande BergFor Jim and Kathy Vande Berg, both members of the class of 1960, Central College is all about relationships — with faculty, with family members, with classmates at reunions. But the most important relationship they developed at Central was with each other. “Central was where we me met, fell in love and made a lifelong commitment to one another,” Jim said.

Now Jim and Kathy are making a commitment to Central itself — an investment in its future. They look back fondly on their days here 50 years ago. “Central was a laboratory in a small setting providing opportunities to question, explore, succeed and fail (always within the context of a safety net) in many different areas,” said Kathy.

But the couple is also excited about what Central has become since they graduated and about the new avenues of education being explored at the college. As alumni, the Vande Bergs are proud of the great strides Central has made, especially in the past decade. That’s why they decided to purchase a life insurance policy, naming Central as owner and beneficiary — because ultimately it will provide a significant gift for Central’s future which they believe is rich and bright.

The Vande Bergs are grateful for the education and relationships the Central community has given them. By giving back, the couple is ensuring that more of those connections will be made, that the Central community will grow and thrive as it always has.

Like the Vande Bergs, you also can give a gift that will help Central today or a deferred gift for tomorrow. 

To confidentially discuss all giving opportunities, contact the advancement office at 641-628-5154 or email morrisond@central.edu

If you have already included Central in your will or through other estate provisions, your notification will allow us to properly thank you. 

To view more planned gift information, go to www.central.edu/go/plannedgiving or www.yourcentralstory.org

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